About Us

Welcome to Cakery 26!!! We are the Jeanvilma family. We began this journey with a brick and mortar shop, specializing in Coffee and Cakes in Central Florida. We were extremely excited about what we had to offer to our community, but through this process we came to three realizations that was pivotal to who we are today. First and foremost, we realized that we have an awesome line of delectable products. We also realized that everything we have to offer, was meant for the masses. Lastly, we came to the conclusion that becoming a successful entrepreneur by yourself is not easy.

So we decided to put the pieces  of this epiphany together and we were left with Cakery 26 - Social Selling. We've been part of the Direct Sales industry for 15 years collectively and we think its time to change it up a bit. Social Selling is where you feel like you're talking to a business partner, not a call center. It's a community that focuses more on revenue, and stress less on recruitment which in turn, creates a circle not a pyramid. When you're a social seller for Cakery 26, the end goal is building relationships and having a fun time doing it. 

Our main product line is a variety of custom baked, moist cakes, layered with a wide range of gourmet icings, and packaged in a keepsake mason jar that can be re-purposed in numerous ways. We also offer everything from Brandy Infused, chocolate covered cherries to some of the best coffee you'll ever taste. We can be a nice treat at a time when you're yearning for comfort, or that perfect gift that screams out "I Care!!!" 

If you're joining our team, we welcome and appreciate all of your efforts. If you're making your first purchase, we truly hope you  enjoy the experience. If you're coming back for more, we hold you're loyalty with deep regards. 


Thank you for being the best part of Cakery 26. Where its all a piece of cake!